Roberto Ugolini of Ugolini Gourmet, with over 20 years of experience in catering alongside starred chefs, has transferred all his culture and experience in the creation of products for both professional chefs and large retailers, always maintaining the highest quality / price compared to market, allowing families the opportunity to taste and eat our condiments, ready to use. This allows professional chefs to always maintain the same quality standard, without the restaurant changing its flavors, every time the chef changes. The success of a restaurant is given by the continuity, constancy and consistency with respect to quality and flavors.


As for the quality thanks to the chef Nino Cannavale and the use of excellent raw materials, which determine the result and success, as for the GOODNESS, maintaining the originality and tradition of what grandfather Renato taught, we have reached the maximum which can be reached at prices that all lovers of good Italian cuisine could refrain from.


The passion for good and natural food comes from afar, when Renato, my grandfather who grows agri-food products, has created his own cultivation since the early 1900s and then passed it on to his daughter with passion Mrs. Renata my mother, who punctually and every day, he went to the market, driving his truck loaded with crops for sale. I was little and on my way to school, I don't hide the fact that I was attracted and fascinated by the world of nutrition, made of natural and fresh products made without preservatives.

Today, after more than a century of experience of the Ugolini family, their own company was born which thanks to the historic chef Nino Cannavale and Roberto Ugolini, son of Mrs. Renata, created the first line of products of truffle sauces and sauces without truffles, sauces vegan and organic sauces, Halal and Kosher certified, combining 3 fundamental concepts:

  1. Maximum quality and goodness
  2. The best packaging
  3. Best quality - product ratio